What Is The Difference Between SARS In Nigeria & Libya Slave Masters?

There is no difference between SARS and the Slave masters in Libya. The Libya slave masters are even better than SARS because they are in their Country Kill other nationals; But SARS kills its fellow citizens without Human feelings. They tell people that if we kill you, nobody will ask about you! They waste innocent people’s lives and when you don’t have money to bail yourself, you will be killed like chickens without anybody to ask of you and even the Government that gave them the “License” will not ask. Their schedule is to
curb robberies; instead, they rob people of their monies and their lives.SARS is terrorizing Nigerian citizens in form of a Police Organisation,
killing innocent citizens because of “License to kill” that was given to them by the Government. But they forget that the Government is not GOD, the Government is a group of people like you and me. If you kill in the name of the Government, you have the almighty God to answer in the Day of Judgment. Somehow, their Judgment starts on earth that is why you will see many of them dying a horrible death, their families die mysteriously because of what they do to other people’s lives. Many of them die of stroke, commit suicide, mysterious sickness and beg for food throughout their life time to pay for what they did to innocent people.If you kill by the sword, you will die by the sword!

#ENDSARS, as we speak now, they are still in the neighborhood killing innocent people, killing people every day and find something to tag innocent people to cover up for their crimes. Even in Foreign countries, you can’t go and shoot an animal in the forest without going to Jail for it, not to talk of Human Lives!

Please we are talking of Human Lives here and you cannot create one!

We beg our Honorable President #Buhari to #ENDSARS now to save the future of Nigerian Citizens and create another new different unit where it is only cool headed graduates with BSC and MSC that will be employed there to tackle robbery crimes and give them special training and which the number one training should be how to protect Human Rights before the real police training begins and a day to their passing out parade, they should dedicate the day for Human rights and let them know that they are to protect people, any violation will leads to Life imprisonment.

Personally, I was harrased with SARS on May 25th 2017 by a fellow Nigerian that gave me a car to fix for him, because we agreed on 3 weeks duration, after 3 weeks when i couldn’t meet up with the time, the next thing, he brought SARS and they were looking for me that i stole a car. They beat one of my boys till he starts vomiting blood. Thank God i had the agreement we signed they day he gave me the car to fix for him, he transferred to my account for and i gave him a receipt. I have the agreement, Bank Transfer print out and Duplicate copy of the receipt I issued for him and enough document to prove i didn’t steal the car, they want to set me up…When i reported to the commissioner of Police and took the case up, the SARS guys ran away. Their boss called the IPO in charge of the case, the statement the SARS guys wrote was removed from the case file and they swept it under the carpet! And turn the case against me because i was taking them to court!
If not for God, something else must have happened to me!!! if not GOD and my Connections!!!

Armed Robbers are not on the streets anymore because they got Police application forms and find their ways to become SARS personnels and carry guns legally to rob people. Another New unit must be established to Curb them after SARS Scrapping!!!

#ENDSARSNOW! This is the Voice of the Nigerian Youths!

Sam Bright
Nigeria Youth Peace Activist

Source: http://www.nairaland.com/4217044/what-difference-between-sars-nigeria

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