Robert Mugabe’s 37-Year-Old Rule As Zimbabwean President In Pictures

The resistance leader who rose to lead Zimbabwe for 37 years

© AP Robert Mugabe, leader of the Zimbabwe African National Union, left, arrives in Geneva, Switzerland in October 1976 for a conference on Rhodesia

Mr Mugabe, Rhodesia’s president-designate, with Sally, his Ghanaian wife, in the rose garden of their bungalow in Salisbury in March 1980 when he was working to form a government after his party’s landslide electoral victory

Margaret Thatcher, the British prime minister, greets Mr Mugabe at 10 Downing Street in May 1980

Mr Mugabe outside African National Congress offices in Harare that were bombed by South African special forces in May 1986

 Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh with Mr Mugabe before the Zimbabwean leader reviewed a guard of honour in London in May 1994

 President Bill Clinton gestures while talking to Mr Mugabe at the White House after their Oval Office meeting in May 1995

 Nelson Mandela, left, is welcomed by Mr Mugabe after the South African president arrived in Harare for a state visit in May 1997

 Tony Blair, the UK prime minister, chats with Mr Mugabe at the Commonwealth Summit in Edinburgh in 1997

 Mr Mugabe is sworn in for a sixth term in office in Harare in June 2008 after being declared winner of a one-man election

 Mr Mugabe prepares to address the UN General Assembly in September 2016 in New York

 Mr Mugabe kisses his wife and first lady Grace during the 37th Independence Day celebrations in Harare in April this year

 Credit, Mugabe married his first wife Sally in 1961, he was a 37-year-old liberal nationalist who wanted to make his country – then Southern Rhodesia – a model multiracial democracy.

 credit, Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace on their wedding day

 Robert Mugabe And Grace Marufu ‘s Wedding, Mugabe on August 17, 1996, officially married Grace Marufu, his former secretary amid some controversy, at an elaborate Catholic wedding.
“The Press were banned from the Robert Mugabe and Grace Marufu wedding which saw some journalist convicted for speculating about the expectations of the wedding”
 © Getty Robert Mugabe kisses his wife Grace in April 2017

 Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is kissed by his wife Grace at his 80th birthday party

 Robert Mugabe with his daughter Bona Photo: AFP

 Robert Mugabe Sleeping At Buhari’s Inauguration

 The 90-year-old leader Robert Mugabe is helped to his feet by aides (Image: AP)

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