Nysc Members Serve As Tea Girls And Boys At National Assembly

Some Youth Corpers serving at the National Assembly have complained about the disgraceful way they are treated by members of the legislature.

Investigations by Punch News on Saturday revealed that most of the NYSC members were upset after discovering that serving at the National Assembly was neither rosy nor challenging, contrary to their expectations.

“Many of us here are attached to committees but there isn’t much to do. The committees hardly allow us to carry out any serious assignments; officials just treat us like errand boys.

“They seize the slightest opportunity to shout at us during committee assignments. It can get really embarrassing.” An angry male corper said, adding that members of committees had little regard for them.

Investigation also revealed that the National Assembly, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Central Bank of Nigeria and commercial banks topped the list of “lucrative and challenging” institutions corps members posted to Abuja prefer to serve in.

Another youth corper serving as an aide to a legislator said that the reason why some corp members want to serve at the National Assembly was because of the opportunity to work directly as aides to Senators or members of the House.

“The disappointment sets in when they find out that the place offers no more than serving in committees and departments already congested by civil servants on the payroll of the National Assembly.

“In the committees, they will be largely redundant except during meetings when they can serve tea, kola nuts or sweets,” the corper said.

It is almost a hopeless case for fresh graduates aspiring to work as legislative aides to senators or representatives because the lawmakers had given out such jobs to their relatives or friends.

But the National Assembly’s Director of Information and Publications, Mr. Monima Daminabo, dismissed the claim of maltreatment of corps members.

“The civil service is a disciplined and rule-guided system. Most of them came in largely untrained in the working of the parliament; so they need the assistance of superior officers to put them through. We have no tradition of discrimination in the National Assembly.

“Also, the authorities of the NYSC that posted them here have never reported to us that they received complaints from their corps members. So, if such cases exist, the authorities of the NYSC should know,” Mr. Daminabo said.


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