Interesting Experiences Of NYSC Corpers Serving In Remote Villages In Nigeria

For example, when i first got to my NYSC PPA(Place of primary assignment), i was like wtf?! No lite(No electric poles anywhere),No pipe-borne water and Fluctuating Network? I thought to myself,how in d world will i survive here…But 3 months on,its been fun. Unparalleled hospitality,simple lifestyle and serene environment.
Students in d school i teach-where 90% of ss3 students cant communicate effectively in english-absent themselves for the flimsiest reasons:rain,market days/burials are unofficial public holidays. The major cases dealt with by d ‘police station’ in d village are goat/chicken theft,farmland trespassing,polygamy fights. Hoping to make some serious positive impact b4 i leave next year…pls feel free to share your experiences

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