How to Get Companies to Purchase Advertise on Your Blog or Website

How can i advertise my website to get companies to advertise on my blog or website? Its a serious question to ask yourself…..It seems like it would be easy enough to place some ads on your blog and watch the money roll in, right? Unfortunately, securing advertisers is not as easy as 1-2-3. For potential companies to even consider advertising on your blog, you will need to have the right target audience, LOTS of traffic, great content, and an overall plan.


Here are some tips on how to get advertisers to purchase advertising space on your blog.

Getting Traffic:

So before you even try to get companies to advertise on your blog, you need to create focused, quality content that will attract readers, but you will also need to post regularly so that readers continue to visit your site.

To start tracking the number of visitors that you are receiving, you will want to install some sort of site analytics on your blog. The industry standard is Google Analytics, but you can also get traffic stats from your web hosting company, various WordPress plugins, or you can use some free traffic metric sites like Alexa, Cubestat or Peekstats.

Set Up Your Blog For Advertising:

Once you have some decent numbers, you will want to clearly indicate that you accept advertising on your blog. On your advertising page you will want to let potential advertisers know why they should advertise on your site;
do you have an award winning blog, good stats, and testimonials from previous advertisers – what does your audience look like, this is all information that potential advertisers will want to know.

You will want to include information about the ads, do they rotate, where are they located, and what size ads you accept — all of this can be done on an Advertising Page or Media Kit.

To set up ad space on your blog you can use plugins like WP125 or Ad Injection, or you can use third-party applications like Passionfruit Ads or OIO Publisher.

How Much to Charge:

Pricing will be another area that you will need to address. Are you going to charge on a CPM model where advertising is bought on the basis of impression – Example: 125 x 125 ad @ $5CPM for a site with 200,000 impressions a month = $1,000. Or will you use a Period Purchase Model where ads are purchased on a fixed price point? Example: 125 x 125 ad for $99.00 for 30 days. Once you have decided on which model you will use, you’ll need to figure out how much to charge, a good way to do this is to find other blogs in your niche and see what they are charging for ad space.

Where to Find Advertisers:

Now that you have all of the basics in place it’s time to find potential advertisers. One easy way to do this is to do a Google search for keywords that relate to your blog and target niche. Once you have found some companies that you would like to work with, send them an introductory email with your direct advertising marketing package.

With this step, make sure that you have thoroughly done your research, find a contact name, and understand the company’s products, services, and mission, and make sure it aligns with your own. Make sure you send a follow-up email to ensure that your message has been received.

Another way to find potential advertisers is to search for companies who are already advertising on sites that are similar to yours. You can also do a Google search for your specific keywords and click on the sponsored links on the right-hand side on the search results – these are companies who are paying Google for PPC advertising, and there is a good chance they will want to advertise with you too.

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