Cats Pass Out After Eating Their Owner’s Marijuana Plants In US (Pics, Video)

These two cats may have bitten off more than they can chew after they munched their way through cannabis plants.

The woman, who appears to be the owner of the property, walks into the room where a number of her plants have been pushed over, leaving a trail of soil on the floor.

As she films the destruction around her, the woman can be heard complaining about the mess she has been greeted with.

The trail of destruction left by the cats can be seen (left) and Gizmo the cat appears very relaxed lying in the soil (right)

She explains that she had heard a noise from inside the house. As she films the mess, she pans the camera to one of her cats lying under a chair and says: ‘But then we find this guy under here.’

Her cat Gizmo is filmed lounging under one of the chairs with its paws up, appearing in a daze. The woman asks if Gizmo had eaten her plants, and then lets out a tired meow in reply.

Not to be outdone, another cat on the other side of the chair is filmed as it lounges on its back and lets out a groggy meow of its own.

The incident happened earlier this year on June 11 in Gilbertville, Massachusetts.

The owner of the plants said: ‘My grow lights had broken and I moved my plants onto the porch for about 15-20 minutes.

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