Blogs Niches You Must Run Away From As A Nigerian Blogger

Blogs Niche are simply various topic/sections of daily life affairs bloggers can write about e.g lifestyle,entertainment,sport e.t.c.
Before creating a blog,a blogger must must have an insight into his chosen niche very well both in his ability to write about it and the number of his chosen niche blogs already out there I.e if they are much,the chances of surviving on that particular niche blog become tense.
Therefore the below are some of the blog niches in Nigeria I won’t advise even my enemy to dive into;
1.Entertainment blogs: No doubt,writing about entertainment and those in it is one of the competitive blog industry in Nigeria.
Half of the blogs in Nigeria are entertainment blog and one sad thing about entertainment blogs is the copy and paste stuff as most entertainment blogs just copy and paste contents therefore to survive with an entertainment blog,you need to bring up a new stuff onboard.
2.News blogs
With all the dedication that is needed on this types of blog whereby you need to update your contents every minute,yet the competition involve is mindblogging and to make a name out of it demands real time sacrifice.
Before diving into the creation of a news blog,you must understand that there are already news blog out there that have made it e.g everybody want to visit naij,vanguard for the latest news updates therefore to make it on niche demands the introduction of entirely a new style.
3.Tech blog
Some of the top blogs in nigeria are techblogs as in,in every ranking of top 10 nigeria blogs,about 3 to 5 of them are usually techblog.
So with the above in place couple with the fact that just as almost everyone is interested in entertainment blogs and newsblogs,not everyone is interested in techblogs I.e the audience are few.
So finding visitors and pageviews daily is like a war therefore to succeed in techblogs,you must introduce something new and get it to those who need it.
4.Music blog: This one is self explanatory,people don’t visit music blogs all the time except when a hit song is release and couple with the fact that anybody who wants to download any song in nigeria will quickly rush to Naijaloaded or NotJustOk and busysinging for gospel songs is something worth considering before diving into it.So ability to succeed on this niche demand something new that others are not doing.
5.Educational blogs: Though the competition is not much but nigerian students will always prefer to visit the forum,myschool for their latest school infos and educational blog are always seasonal I.e they receive visitors mostly during a period of time e.g during JAMB,WAEC examinations and during conducts of schools admission processes.

In conclusion,as a blogger,those are some of the niche I will advise young bloggers to stay away from or they regret it later except if they have something new to offer to the public.

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