Mayweather Knocks Out McGregor In Crossover Fight

It was not exactly a masterclass but it was a demonstration of experience beating exuberance as Floyd Mayweather Jr. beat Conor McGregor in the tenth round of their fight billed “The Money Fight”.

The bout, the first of its kind, saw a professional boxer take on a mixed martial arts fighter in the city of Las Vegas to a sold-out arena and many celebrities by the ring side.

The first few rounds did not live up to the hype as Mayweather was his usual defensive fighter while McGregor tried to force him in, throwing in some back of the head punches; an element of the MMA which is not allowed in boxing. Guess you cannot cheat muscle memory.

The fight started looking more like boxing bout in the ninth round as Mayweather switched gears on a leggy McGregor and started landing those shots that hurt.

It was now a matter of when and not if the Pretty Boy was going to knock out the pretender and it duly came in the tenth round when the referee had to step in to stop what was fast becoming a punishment run as McGregor could barely keep his arms up.

By this time, McGregor’s face was completely bloodied and looked just about ready to fall through the ropes.

The win takes Mayweather’s record to 50 wins in 50.

“I gave the fans what they wanted to see,” Mayweather said after the fight. “I told them that I owed them for the Pacquiao fight. I must come straight ahead and give them a show.”

McGregor, gracious in defeat as always, said: “he is not powerful, he is just composed”. I guess he was repeating what 49 other boxers found out the hard way.

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