Buhari Yet To Pay Us For Securing Waterways, Oil Pipelines – OPC Chairman

Founder of Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC), Dr Fredrick Fasehun says former President Jonathan did not employ OPC to secure the waterways and oil pipelines but President Muhammadu Buhari did.

This was in reaction to a statement credited to Lai Mohammed, the Minister of Information, who recently said former President Goodluck Jonathan was owing the group whopping sums which the present administration has paid.

Fasehun in an interview with Independent Newspaper said he won’t want to comment further on the matter as it is presently in court

“Did he repeat that statement again? When he said that before the 2015 elections, we started calling him Lai, the liar, and he became popular as a liar.

“There are credible ministers and there are ministers that are not credible. We have just left court. We went to court with the government of this nation that we worked for them guarding the pipelines.

“We left the pipelines about two years ago and we were yet to be paid a kobo. We had to go to arbitration before they considered us for payment. Nobody has even benefited from that payment yet because it was paid into the bank through e-payment. So, where the ministers have the documentary evidence that we have been paid?,” Fasehun queried.

APC administration

He further stated that it is the APC administration that employed the OPC, not the former.

“The Jonathan administration did not give us any job. It was this current APC government led by President Muhammadu Buhari that gave us the job.

“I believe the Minister of Information should be well informed. But, I am surprised that the current Minister of Information has started telling lies all over the place.

“He said we were paid N2.8billion. In developing countries, Ministers of Information are propagandists; they are not true informers.

“True information is part of development. But here, our people don’t dish out true information to the people. They resort to propaganda to sustain the government.

“A good minister of information, as the spokesperson of the Federal Government, will tell the truth to the people at all times. If you don’t dish out the truth, of course, you are a liar and your government is a lying government.”

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